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Who We Are


Who We Are

Qmaizen Quality is a UAE based consultancy, established in 2017 for quality and standardization consultation services.

Specially formalized to assist clients’ needs, to be achieved in simple, transparent, and outstanding methods with customer consultation support done by our intelligent brains to deliver customer excellence.


What Qmaizen means?

Qmaizen is a new ENGLISH word converted from ‘’LA MAISON DE QUALITE’’ a French statement with the meaning of ‘’home of quality’’



  • Achieving the top-ranked consultancy partner worldwide
  • Being the first and the easiest option



  • Facilitating our clients’ routs, leading them through the right passages with the right methods in time
  • Delivering customer Excellency through our unique support



Supporting Fields


  1. Regulatory Intelligence
  2. Compliance Support
  3. Certification Consultation
  4. Training & Development
  5. Project Management



Categories, We Serve


  1. Food Products
  2. Cosmetics & Personal Care Products
  3. Electronics & Electrical Products
  4. Medical Devices
  5. Pharmaceuticals




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